Butter! Better!

Posted on November 19, 2010


Designer: Yeongkeun

Was looking at some student packaging work today, all of them were pretty good.
Typical clean graphic treatment and alot of rebranding but nothing fresh.

Better!Butter!” however, caught my eye.

“Whenever we eat bread, at the picnic, in the cafe or airplane, we usually use disposable butter. I replaced its ordinary container lid with a wooden, knife shaped one. This way butter can be easily and quickly spread. Butter has 4 flavors which allow the user to make a choice, just as he would chose his favorite ice-cream. This container is not only easy and fast to use but also it makes daily routine of spreading butter more fun and exciting.”

TDC: Good as a student project, and a refreshing (and fun) take on how we “use” butter. Would definitely look at how the knife/lid can be redesigned to accomodate a closer fit, ultimately using less space.