The Worst Designers

Posted on December 5, 2010


We posed the question: “What kind of people make the worst designers?”

-Zu-Ning Chen

“The worst enemy of great design, is good design. As quoted from Brian Ling @ design sojourn. The worst designers are the ones that settle for good enough when they have it within them to achieve great design.”
David Woon

“The ones who think only a week design you need to think waaay further.”
Bryan Lee

-Charles Rattray

“The kind that can’t accept other opinions and views, and try to impose theirs no matter what.”
Nicolas Lehotzky

“The ones who are scared to push themselves and their ideas as far as possible, those who fear breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries.”
-Rachel Maria Smith

TDC: Who do you think make the worst designers?

Feature image credits: Andrew Kelsall

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