d’Arte of Fashion, Design and Culture.

Posted on December 1, 2010


Editor-in-Chief: Efi Turkson
Creative Director: Hanah Ho
Art & Photography Director: Victor Ng
Copy Editor: Anh Bui
Associate Designer: Brier Avil

Run by a group of five CMU students, and targeted mainly at fellow schoolmates, d’Arte aspires to “connect all the schools within the campus” and represent everyone within them. According to Victor Ng, Art & Photography Director, d’Arte is a unique opportunity to showcase what they do and can do.

d’Arte Magazine (“dart”) is a fashion, design, and cultural publication founded in 2009 by a group of students at Carnegie Mellon University. The name d’Arte is derived from French meaning “of art” which sums up our goals for the magazine. Our mission is to foster greater appreciation of various forms of art, particularly design and fashion, not only at Carnegie Mellon University but in the greater Pittsburgh community. d’Arte magazine prides itself on discovering the best in creativity and innovation in our community and translating this onto our pages.”

What makes this publication unique is that all of the models, stylists, designers and photographers are CMU students. However, the standard of d’Arte is far from amateur. Full page, full color photographs engage the reader, and subtly but effectively communicate the pride and culture of CMU, albeit in a glossed up visual. These five students share a common vision, and with d’Arte as the medium, they spread their word.Look at their work: The spread above perfectly captures the essence of school spirit, with its photography, models and wardrobe. Throughout the magazine, many of these spreads pick up on this unique visual identity, but others (like the one below) however, which seem to emulate high-end fashion catalogs, appear to be slightly conflicting.

@ Team d’Arte:
Being a “school publication”, you have to perfect opportunity to experiment with visual themes.
Don’t be afraid to push the limit to create a unique style. It might be unconventional, but it will be one that CMU students can identify with.
Of all the visuals, those that were shot on location were the most enjoyable.
Anyone can shoot in a studio, but not everyone has access to school grounds and students, which is an invaluable resource. Make good use of that.

The Design Critic: This is a wonderful online magazine, with an amazing team who obviously do not lack the necessary skills. Many student publications do not showcase such professionalism, and I’m looking forward to the next issue of d’Arte.
Special Thanks
to Victor Ng for sharing d’Arte with us and providing us wih all images and text.

d’Arte‘s website was developed by Justin Edmund, previously featured on TDC.