B-Chain Lamp

Posted on August 28, 2010


Designer: Cho Hyung Sok

“When I ride the bycicle, I always think the bycicle chain is so funtional. Each unit’s shape is so unique and complementary. The “b-chain lamp” can have more various shape than any lamp. This is inspired by the bicycle chain. It’s 8 joints can shine wherever you want to light. “b-chain lamp” consists of four modules. It is possible whatever length and shape you want to make. “White b-chain lamp”’s both sides are different. One side is the stainless nut and other side is the clean bolt.”

TDC: The designer’s use of colors complement each other well, and the choice of materials balance perfectly between art-like handicraft and contemporary design. However, I find the use of “recycled” materials (bicycle chain in this instance) a little too literal.


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