Clean Closet

Posted on August 25, 2010


Designer: Michael Edenius

The Clean Closet is the second of our two favourite concepts in the Electrolux Competition 2010, the other being The Snail (Peter Alwin).

Development Sketches

“Imagine always having clean clothes and never having to wash them.”

Clean Closet employs speculative technology that involves air and patented molecules which automatically detect and clean dirty laundry. But what really characterizes Michael’s concept is the simplicity behind it. Clean clothes, no washing involved.The motivation behind Clean Closet stems from the possibility that recources (such as water and living space) will be scarce in the future, and therefore, the need for an alternative means of cleaning clothes.Michael provides a solution to a very real problem, as opposed to many of the other finalists who seem to be simply designing a pretty shell for new technology.

-The Design Critic

Results for the Electrolux Competition 2010 will be announced on the 3rd week of September after all eight finalists present their concepts to the international jury. We’re pretty sure one of our favourite concepts will win (if they judges know what they’re doing).

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