Inception: Totem

Posted on August 18, 2010


Inspired by the movie, we asked our readers to describe how they would design their own Inception Totem. These are some of their responses:

“A ring with tiny spikes on the inside. I would slip it onto my finger to test. It would hurt in real life but not in a dream…”
-Overheard in the cinema

“It would be egg-shaped – why: a ball is too perfect for the beginning and there’s always the question what’s first, the egg or the chicken – but the egg looks better then a chicken!”
-Gerald Wodl Wodaczek

“A small glass ball, the size of a marble, with a perfectly spherical cavity inside and a thick layer of glass around it. In reality you could shake it or roll it around in your hand and it would take a second or so to level out and settle again. But in the dream it would always remain level even with movement.”
-Charles Rattray

“A specially made sketchbook to my own specifications as a totem. Only I would know what sketches lie within the sketchbook. If I was in a dream, the book will not be populated with the same sketches that I drew into it.”
-David Woon

However, Jake Vallante takes the cake for actually making one.

“I don’t want to give away too much (because that would defeat the purpose of it), but it affects 3 of my senses uniquely in a way that only I know the specifics of. It also involves fire. There’s a glass vial of oil and a small wick inside it, and only I know the color of the flame produced by the oil when lit.”
-Jake Vallante

Drop us a comment if you’ve ever thought of a cool totem idea.

-The Design Critic

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