The Snail

Posted on August 5, 2010


In a previous post, we promised to feature two of our favourite entries in the Electrolux competition. Here is the first one.

Designer: Peter Alwin

“In 2050, the world would have majority of its population in urban cities… Living area becomes lesser… technology and lifestyle would be at its peak! The consumer would look for simplicity, compactness, portability and functionality in a fast moving life… power from variable natural sources would be common… hence my concept of the snail fits in perfectly! Now do u really need a kitchen in your home?”

The Snail is a portable heating and cooking device based on magnetic induction processes. The snail is stuck directly onto a pot or pan, which reduces the amount of space required for conventional cooking.

The Design Critic: What was the inspiration for your concept?
Peter Alwin:
To give back to nature what it has given us. The structural inspiration was taken from the snail with its hard shell and static form.

TDC: How do you think you will fare against the other seven entries?
PA: Although my concept is the smallest among the lot, I have tried to come up with something which is very different but realistic. Space is a luxury, especially in a country like India with such a dense population. “Do we actually need a kitchen? Why cant the kitchen come to me?” This reverse questioning played a part in coming up with this snail concept. Also I did not predict any new, crazy technology for the future! In my concept, the technology of magnetic induction, sensors and ‘sugar batteries’ are all present now. Using existing technology, I predicted how it could be used for the future in a much better way, making it simple, light, portable and easy to use. In this sense, I fare better than the other entries.

TDC: Of the other seven, which is your favorite concept?
PA: I really like the external refrigerator as it’s a simple yet innovative idea. Saving the space inside by simply using the space outside which is going to waste. Brilliant. Additionally, using external energy source from the sun to power the product is also a nice feature. Eco friendly, simple, space saving and aesthetically pleasing too. Great concept!

TDC: Which is your least favorite?
PA: The virtual kitchen. I dont know whether this would really be acceptable by people. If I were using the helmet for virtual thinking, the time I spent thinking about how the food should be cooked, I’d rather go to the real kitchen and cook it by myself! I would rather command the bots to prepare my food while I engage in other activities, rather than sitting and visualizing how my food is being cooked. The idea is good and a different experience but I am not sure if this works.

Thanks again Peter, and all the best for the Electrolux competition.

-The Design Critic

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