MagicBoard: The Supersized iPhone

Posted on August 4, 2010


Designer: Eliel Cabrera

The MagicBoard is a touchscreen board that connects wirelessly to your bluetooth-enabled devices. It allows you to configure your own layout for specific tasks or programs.

The Design Critic: There is not much physical redesigning in your magicboard. It looks like the old keyboard, except that there is new technology in it.
Eliel Cabrera: When I started working on this concept, I tried to imagine all possibilities and I tried to draw and schematize how to use it… with superimposing all the results that I got, I realized that a long format was the most suitable, and that is the reason why it looks like a conventional keyboard.

TDC: With a touch-keyboard, there is a lack of tactile feedback, which is one reason why many keyboards have not become digital.
EC: Touch technology in electronic devices is the future. I have worked with virtual keyboards, tactile, or optical to which you add sound effects to give them some interaction. I think it’s a matter of custom; 50 years ago we were accustomed to hammering typewriters, 25 years ago we began to correct what was written (before printing on paper) with the first electric typewriters, 20 years we edited the page on a computer, today I use my smartphone to read email, chat, watch videos, write this email, and all with a virtual keyboard with touch technology, I find it even more comfortable than using my laptop. I think the physical interaction on a keyboard is a legacy of the past that we are ready to leave.

Thanks Eliel for sharing this project with us,
The Design Critic.

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