Pod à porter

Posted on August 2, 2010


Designer: Michiel Cornelissen

Pod à porter is the easiest way to wear your music – even if you’re not wearing much.

Precision manufactured from 3D printed polyamide, Pod à porter is ultralight and has a velvet-like surface finish. It fits the iPod shuffle 3d generation, leaving all controls accessible.

“I thought that what you need is just the earbuds, and a simple shape to keep them on your body – just like glasses are nothing more then an elegant way to keep lenses near your eyes. The result is this jewelry-like iPod shuffle accessory.” -Michiel Cornelissen

The Design Critic: Simplicity has never been simpler.

However, our Graphic Designer think this is a badly designed piece of gimmick. What do you think?

Edit: We have since added the discussion between the designer (Michiel) and our Graphic Designer (Miko)

Michiel Cornelissen: I think you should fire your graphic designer. For obvious reasons. :) Actually, I’d be interested to know why he/she doesn’t like it?
: 1. We live in a time of mass consumption and in regards to a more sustainable behavior, we should not add additional products to a product. The shuffle is a pure product design which uses minimalistic aesthetic features.
2. Adding an additional function which it already has (the clip) does not improve the shuffle.
3. When looking at the product, we can see that the head-phones and the shuffle itself have a nice ending (when they are plugged in together there is no overlap of material).
4. The necklace does not give it additional beauty, rather, it eats up the half of the design.
So the question is: Do you really improve the design or are you simply adding?

TDC: So, should we fire her?
No, I’d say keep her, it’s good to have some critical people around :) Love the discussion! I really like the pure shuffle as well; with any other product it would probably have been impossible to make this concept concrete in a good way. My main point is that ‘pod à porter’ really is new and useful functionally (easy wearing whether the earbuds are in your ears or not, while getting rid of most of the wires). This, in my opinion, warrants adding the extra product. I’m, in no way, trying to make the shuffle more beautiful; I just tried to add the extra functionality in a simple and elegant way.

-The Design Critic

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