Daniel Loves Objects

Posted on July 30, 2010


Designer: Daniel Loves Objects

Political unrest inspired bookcase.

The designer behind Daniel Loves Objects is an industrial designer who currently resides in Singapore. Apart from dabbling in his love towards ideation for lifestyle objects during non-office hours, he is a designer in the field of Industrial Design in a consumer products MNC. He loves his profession and current company, designing products that uphold the brand, understanding consumer’s needs and desires and breathing the design identity that the brand believes in.

Let your imagination run wild.

Professional work aside, he takes a breather by indulging in his love towards another part of his designer ego. He enjoys conceptualization for feasible concepts that fuses a poetic touch in it. He is inspired by his surroundings, current products, plants and animals roaming in the wild, and even global political uproars. In the ideation of a concept, he tries to inject a form of interaction between user and product. He hopes that the user will be able to relate to the product, and will perhaps strike up some joy and relationship when a connection is made.

Inspired by need to slow down our pace of life.

He is always ready to be inspired by the many objects that sit around us, knowing that design can always transform a certain mundane individual, allowing it to exude a form of language that will speak to the surrounding environment, expressing a form of finesse between human, object and technology.

The Design Critic: Can we expect any new designs from you soon?
Daniel Loves Objects:
I was inspired by the Koreans from the North who have always made the news in the headline with its astounding behavior, though the not so recent issue was the bombing of the South Korean submarine. But the North Korean team who made it into the World Cup 2010 had presented a very positive attitude despite their deprived status.

DLO: I have conceptualized a floor standing lamp wanting to portray that spirit of the North but probably will take a month or longer before it is out.

TDC: We look forward to seeing your North-Korean-Inspired lamp. Thanks again DLO!

-The Design Critic