Student Spotlight: Ashton Miyako

Posted on July 23, 2010


Ashton Miyako is an independent designer based out of San Fransisco, CA.

Ashton, San Fransisco

“Her fresh and fearless take on fashion inspires cuts and colors that radiate courage, fun, and individuality.”

Though she has only been professionally designing for a little over two years, Ashton has had her fingers in art and fashion from an early age. From making re-born wardrobes for Barbies out of scrap clothing as a child to hair and make-up styling in independent films in school, Ashton Miyako has always sought a new avenue in which to share her unique blend of aesthetic genius and functionality.

Ashton Miyako 2010

The Design Critic: Many people have been looking to websites like and the sartorialist for fashion advice. Inevitably, many of them end up dressing alike. What is your take on this?
Ashton Miyako:
The idea of the site is great. It’s a great place to see pieces that others have put together and can draw inspiration from it, or maybe you have the same things in your closet and you never thought to wear them that way.With that said, it’s a fashion inspirational site. I know that there are many people out there who want to be fashionable so they end up wearing whatever they see in the pictures.Fashion is a form of self expression that only the wearer has control of. Fashion advice is just that, it’s just advice.

Ashton Miyako 2010

TDC: As cliche as this question might be, where do you draw inspiration from when designing?
It’s not a cliché question, and it’s my favorite question of all time. My current inspiration is being drawn from the Japanese culture. My father is half Japanese and I find myself being drawn to the culture, art, lifestyle and of course the fashion. My fall line is all about Japanese inspired sleepwear with light colored kimonos and lingerie.

Ashton Miyako 2010

TDC: In terms of fashion, what would you say is the upcoming local trend?
I think that due to the recession, people are taking a different turn on fashion. People don’t have money to spend on clothes that will go out of style next season, they are being forced to create a style that is all their own and something that will last a bit longer than the average Forever 21 dress. If I had to pick a “movement”, I would say that people are going to gravitate more toward military inspired outfits, denim and other fabrics that can provide someone with a universal look. I think that fashion is going to move into a “survival” mode.

Ashton Miyako 2010

TDC: Being a fashion designer, what are you fashion pet peeves?
When people choose to wear clothes that do not fit them correctly. Wearing clothing that is too small for you isn’t fooling anyone. If you’re a size 6 trying to fit into a size 4, it’s just not going to look right and you’re going to be self conscious all day thinking that someone is going to see your “Muffin Top”. Thus, making you feel fat all day. Stop struggling to pull that shirt down over your beautiful womanly hips, embrace them! If you just wear your true size you could feel fabulous all day. That positive energy will actually draw people to you and want to be around you.

Currently Ashton employs herself full-time not only in designing and making clothing and accessories, but also as a model, hair stylist, make-up artist, photographer, fashion promoter, show coordinator/hostess, painter, and most recently as a runway competition participant.

-The Design Critic