Lamp Kit 001

Posted on July 20, 2010


Designer: Jen Pearson

“I want to develop a new method of design that gives users the creative freedom to be the co-authors of their own designs.”

Jen believes that it is possible to enhance the emotional attachment of an object through “making”. Through construction, consumers will have an increased awareness and connection towards the objects they purchase. Her interest lies in finding design methods that facilitate interaction between the consumer and the object, allowing the consumer to participate in the design process.

“I tested the way people currently assemble products today. I wanted to find out what the pain points were in the assembly process that created stress and frustration. I designed my lamp kits with the simplest of parts and the most familiar of connectors. All of the pieces that come in the kit are the same and can be assembled by following the instructions or in any way the builder desires.”

The Lamp Kit 001 allows users the creative freedom to build not only their own lamp but also a narrative within that lamp. The kit offers builders several options that allows for creative change within one product. The lamp can be tall or short, complex or simple.

“With the correct tools and guidance, this type of assembly-required lighting system creates a special moment in time where people have creative freedom to construct an object that is useful in their everyday life. Allowing people to create and build their own lamp from a set range of components adds an emotional connection between the maker and the object by the simple act of doing. In turn these objects become more valued, and at the same time, give people a deeper sense of ownership over their creations.”

The Design Critic: We love the concept of a consumer “making” or “designing” their own product. In the recent years, there have been many designers who recognise that the design process is just as important as the outcome, and it is definitely catching on. Article. Product.
Our verdict: The simplicity and rawness of the chosen material has a certain charm about it, and the red wire adds a nice contrast to it. However, it seems incomplete.

Firstly, try building this lamp with a variety of wood lengths.

Secondly, the whole lamp consists of rectangular/square shapes except for the neck (white arrow), which is mainly circular. If the neck were redesigned to be more squarish, the lamp might looks more congruent in terms of aesthetics.

-The Design Critic

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