adidas Aktiv

Posted on July 20, 2010


Chris Duff is a 26 year old Transport designer, graduated from Umea Institute of design, Sweden.

“The Adidas Aktiv concept is a lightweight adaptive vehicle that requires as much from the user as the user does the vehicle. The vehicle incorporating Adidas and other future relevant technologies looks to create a unique off road experience that challenges the user in a number of key skills found in sport.” [via]

We don’t really know what that means, but we know that Chris has some great sketches.

The Design Critic talked to Chris on his sketching style and here’s what he has to say:

“In terms of the pencil work I use two types of Prismacolors, Verithin for the main sketch, then a normal Prismacolor for the darker parts to emphasise the lines.I also went to umea, where the studio environment they have there makes you learn off other people. I sometimes distort the original sketch in photoshop see if it could look better a little wider or put more perspective on it. In terms of photoshop sketch renders I use a brush I created, I stick to a theory if your sketch is loose keep the render loose, stay clear from paths unless theres an area you want to punch out in detail, I use a lot of layers on top of existing colours, I set the layer properties to overlay, then intensify the colour by building layers set to overlay making lighter each time.”

Chris’ sketches have a certain style to them that reflect speed and aggressiveness, very appropriate for the concept that he’s working on.

@Readers: When designing different types of products, should you sketch with different styles?

-The Design Critic