Bunny Tea by Aliff Uke Dean

Posted on July 4, 2010


Aliff is an Industrial Design Student in RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

Today, The Design Critic looks at a piece of his school work: Bunny Tea

[yup, we stole it from deviantart]

According to Aliff, the focus of this project was on the form of the object and it’s relationships with one another. This teaset was designed for a ‘maid cafe’, which is a type of cafe in Japan, where waitresses dress up like, well, maids. The handles on top of this teaset resemble bunny ears which is inspired by the peace sign they commonly use in Japan. Aliff has taken elements from Japanese culture and applied them to a product in a very interesting manner, almost similar to Alessi products.

Every designer has a different style, and it is commendable that Aliff has dared to steer away from convention.

-The Design Critic

P.S. – @Aliff, low quality pictures, not cool.

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