Moo Shoebox Packaging

Posted on July 2, 2010


Designer: Alistair Marshall

“This packaging is from a proposed re-brand for a vegan/ environmentally friendly shoe brand in the U.S. The idea was to raise the profile of the brand and communicate to a younger “trendier” audience. The box (on the left) carries hemp canvas deck shoes folded almost flat to minimize packaging materials. The laces from the shoes within are used to lace up the image on the box creating carrying handles, expelling the need for a carrier bag. However since the company also sell a range of other branded footwear, a carrier working on a similar principle, made out of thin recycled paper was also necessary.”
[via lovelypackage]

The Design Critic: Love the graphics, clever use of product (laces) as part of the packaging.
Our verdict: Hmm… not so sure whether I’d like to use the shoelaces as the handle though. Nontheless, it’s a step towards a more environmentally-concious society. Kudos to Alistair!

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