Last chance to vote for Dyson International Awards!

Posted on June 29, 2010


Hey guys, Dyson International Awards close pretty soon. Visit this link to vote for your favourite entries and support these aspiring designers!

Just a quick recap, we have reviewed the following products, which are entries in the International Dyson Award as well.

GMD X4 by Maximilian Aji Wijoyoseno

Outer Ear by Jack Allwood

El-egance Hearing Device by Ryan Kirkpatrick

Stryder Hybrid Crutch and Knee Scooter by Dat Huynh


The Design Critic will take a look at another entry: Portable Hot Pot

The Portable Hot Pot  is exactly what it says it is: A Portable Hot Pot. Combined with utensils.

I have to concede that it looks pretty damn good. Aesthetically very pleasing and an appropriate mix of colors that reflect both traditional culture and contemporary design. (Red has very deep meaning in chinese culture)

My favourite part of this design is the stacking bowls. Such a simple but smart design. I just have one question: What happens to the ‘bowl rack’ when the bowls are removed? Are they used for something? Would be great if they had a secondary purpose.

If anyone knows the designer for this product, please drop us a mail at

-The Design Critic

P.S. – remember to vote!

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