World Cup Prediction scientifically based on Team Jersey Design

Posted on June 22, 2010


Here at The Design Critic, we usually live, and breathe design.
Come World Cup 2010, all work comes to a halt and we live, eat, and breathe football instead.

As a special feature, The Design Critic has analyzed the jersey design of a few teams, and based on that, we tell their fate.


known as les Lions Indomptables, which translates to “Indomitable Lions”, they are indomitably the first team to be knocked out of the Fifa World Cup 2010. The green on the jersey signifies the jungle, and as we know, the Lion is the king of the jungle. The ‘king’ of this ‘jungle’, seems to be the embroidered lion on the top right (our right, players left). But what happens when you throw in another lion in the top left hand corner, and to top it all off, you put a Puma right in the center of it all? Three big cats fighting for attention, no wonder Cameroon couldn’t get their act together against Denmark.

The Design Critic reckons that the only way this team will have any chance in the World Cup 2014 is if they remove the other two cats.

“This jungle ain’t big enough for the three of us…”.


known as “The Three Lions”. This English jersey is plain as plain can get, which has resulted in their unusually lacklustre performance and fair share of goalie blunders. The highlights and performances of this English team seem to be everywhere except on the pitch.

If England are serious about lifting the Holy Grail of football (à la 1966), they better spice up their jerseys with some decoration when they play Slovenia on Wednesday.

The Design Critic suggests that England should turn to fashionista Beckham for advice on working on their outfit, considering that fact that he’s not playing and probably has time to personally dress each player up.

Watch this space for more World Cup 2010 Jersey Design Predictions!
(specific team reviews are available on request too)

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