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Posted on June 21, 2010


Designer: Joseph Lee, Teddy Lu, Jiana Seo

The Dyson Pivot, a concept blender borrowing its aesthetic elements from Dyson’s range of products, has been nominated for review by Kyle Gati (designer of Variable Angle Power Drill).

Dyson has a very distinct visual brand language in which they “emphasize on empowering the user by visually showcasing it in the design”. In this project, their aim was to adopt Dyson’s design language, and apply it to a product.

According to Teddy, whom The Design Crtic managed to speak to, the swivel base was designed to address the problem that current blenders face. “I discovered that people tend to shake the blender sometimes to get some of the chunks to blend.” With this new feature, users are able to now get a much more even blend, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency in a commercial environment.

On top adding a swivel base, these guys (and girl) have taken it one step further, by addressing yet another issue. When using current blenders, some users pour from the side instead of the front (tilting to the side is a much more natural position for the wrist), it tends to spill because there isn’t a spout there. This trio of designers present us with a sound solution that should have been there ages ago: three spouts! Pouring from any position is now effortless even for lefties.

Safe to say, Teddy, Joseph and Jiana have taken this product to a whole new level, leaving most blenders in their wake. The Design Critic hopes to see this concept taken to production, and when that happens Teddy, please send us one; we use a really shitty blender.

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