Variable Angle Power Drill

Posted on June 16, 2010


Designer: Kyle Gati, Chicago, USA

One of the most essential tools in every man’s toolbox: the power drill.

What Kyle has attempted to do is to “combine the capabilities of a straight-angled and right-angled drill to create 1 product where there were 2 previously”.

From the images above, Kyle has highlighted all the key features very clearly. Despite my doubts as to whether it will work during actual drilling operation (the magnet, not the drill), my favourite feature here is the magnet near the base, which seems to prove useful for holding loose screws and bits.

The VA Power Drill has taken on a a very robust look with a touch of organic styling, making it look almost Tranformers-like (nobody wants to use a drill that looks like it belongs to Barbie). Good use of ergonomic principles seem to ensure that the VA Power Drill is comfortable despite prolonged use, and an appropriately sized trigger allows ease of operation.

There are some issues however, which have not seemed to be communicated clearly, and/or could have benefited from a little more consideration.

1) Could the trigger have been designed to be more ergonomic, relieving stress from the trigger finger? e.g. A slight groove where the finger sits in to prevent it from slipping while drilling.

2) What does ‘substantial head for weight distribution’ mean? Would that amount to unnecessary weight?

3) Is there a need for that many angles, especially when the VA Power Drill uses a double hinge mechanism?

4) How do I rotate the drill? Is there a button I should press?

We look forward to gaining an insight and understanding to Kyle’s design process, and sharing this knowledge with our readers.

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from the team at The Design Critic.

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