Chinese Junk influenced Sailboat

Posted on June 15, 2010


Designer: Travis Clark from Kansas City, USA

Clark’s interpretation of the Chinese Junk is a magnificent fusion of cutural history and modern design elements. The colors and materials used in Clark’s design, perfectly connote class and speed in harmonious accord. The curvaceous aesthetic of his sailboat bears a certain resemblance to BMW cars that use flame surfacing styling. In short, it is a beautiful sailboat that is a faithful reflection of its designer’s talent.

On the flipside however, the ‘hidden’ tables that rise from the floorboards seem to have been designed as an afterthought, without much effort. The mechanisms that raise the tables appear to be the simplest solution in order to save space. The tables which look like two ironing boards, are probably the weakest links in this solid design.

To the designer (and readers): Would there be a way to resolve this issue of space without compromising the aesthetics of the sailboat?

-The Design Critic

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