Outer Ear

Posted on June 12, 2010


Today we look at one of the entries from the International Dyson Award, designed by Jack Allwood from Melbourne, Australia. At the moment, it looks like Jack’s design is the people’s favourite with a total of 69 votes.

Jack’s Outer Ear (OE), is a piece of technology (two actually) that converts soundwaves into vibrations of varying intensities. Designed for users with a hearing impairment, the OE’s receiver is cleverly disguised as a watch, which transmits bluetooth signals to the OE device which is worn on the forearm.

One of the primary uses of the OE is to act as a safety device for the user, assisting the hearing impaired to assimilate more seamlessly into the community. Although this is currently still a concept, there is definitely vast potential for the OE to be developed further, pending future technology.

The designer’s aesthetic direction however, is much less clear. The OE Receiver for instance, has a chunky and masculine look. The OE Device on the other hand, seems to have taken a very biomorphic language altogether. Is there a reason that the designer has chosen to disassociate the two elements in terms of aesthetics?

That being said, the team at The Design Critic wish Jack Allwood all the best for the upcoming competition!

-The Design Critic

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