Posted on May 12, 2010


The Orangin (2009 reddot design award winner) is a beautifully designed product by Jaren Goh. Aesthetically, there is nothing much to criticise, so we will talk about its’ functions. The visuals below provide a very clear explanation on the product operation.

It looks like an awesome product and I have yet to use one, but it looks at though it would require more-than-usual strength to operate. The tiny handle seems as though I would not be able to grip it with more than three fingers. Having a bigger, easier to grip handle would definitely be more ideal.

Why design a product that has three separate parts when I just need one?

Relating to simplicity, how is the Orangin better than the existing product pictured below?


Juicing an orange is a relatively simple task. Is there a need to introduce complexity to such a simple product?

Think about it,
The Design Critic

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