Posted on May 11, 2010


From the illustrations below, it is unclear as to how the lower half of the weights ‘slide’ open or close, probably a catch activated by the ‘button’ at the top. Looking at the tapered opening right at the bottom, my guess is that it works on a spring loaded principle and you simply snap the weight into place, which locks itself automatically.

Barblefish vertically attaching weights by Sun ho, Sinbarblefish02

Is it necessary to include mechanical functions such as a spring loaded mechanism (assuming that I was right) in such a simple product? What is wrong with the current barbells?

Is the taper on the overall circumference merely an aesthetic feature? The only reason I can think of is to create sufficient clearance for the users’ hand when he/she is picking up the weight (bottom pic).

Think about it,
The Design Critic.

Designer: Sun Ho Sin via Yanko Design
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